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Immigration facts in the US

United states of America is on top of the list of countries that have problems with illegal immigrants. Countries that have the most problems with immigrants are usually countries that have the best economy and life quality overall. This is mainly the reason why so many people are jumping borders in order to live in the US.
Illegal immigrants are people who cross borders illegally, meaning, not through the process of recognition by the government and if they are not caught, no authorities will know that they are currently living in that country.usa-immigration-consultant

A lot of people are attracted by an American dream, they want what’s best for them and even more for their kids,Immigration-rights-demons-008 so if they are currently living in bad conditions with no money or job, they will take the risk of crossing the border and try to work in the United States. Most immigrants come from Mexico and the southern parts of North America. United States have a lot of problems with illegal immigration that currently 5.1 percent of all labor force is made up of illegal immigrants. All facts about immigration you check at  las vegas eb-5 visa attorney.

Most people in the US will hire illegal immigrants because they will be a lot cheaper work force and they won’t have to go through the system, meaning they will have to pay a lot less for their workers. They won’t have to provide almost anything that is legally obligated for regular workers which will decrease the cost of having an immigrant as a worker by a lot. So if the legal citizens are not reporting the immigrants, it is really hard for the government to actually catch and deport them back to Mexico and the ones they do catch make up a very low percentage of how many of them currently are in the US.

United States have a harsh policy against immigrants and since the majority comes from the south, they have build a large fence with barbed wires in order to keep the immigrants out, with constant surveillance and patrols to keep this problem to a minimum, but even with all of these measures, people are still finding new ways to cross the border.

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