Immigration laws

Immigration laws

Immigration is movement of residents of one county to another with the intention of staying there because of various reason, finding a job, settle in certain town and so on. Immigration is a phenomenon that dates back to time of the first humans. People often move from their hometowns due to better employment chances and better chances of success in general. This means thatImmigration-Law (1)immigration is not a new phenomenon and that it had happen before, however moving from one country to another cannot becompletely free and there has to be record of who comes and goes from the country. Immigration law is what predicts keeping this records and it serves as a gatekeeper to country. Immigration law determines conditions for people to enter country and how much time they can stay and when they must go. Immigrants all problems can report at san francisco Sexual harassment attorney.


If a person (an immigrant) wants to stay in the country for longer period then one approved for all people, in some countries immigrant laws determine process for getting visas. Visas may be llm_immigration_lawimmigrant or non – immigrant. Tourists or persons who want to stay in country only temporarily can get nonimmigrant visa. Immigrant visas allows their holders to stay in country for indefinite period and eventually get a citizenship. Congress can decide which is the number of the immigrant visas that will be approved in a year. America decided this number to be approximately 700.000 only in year 1995. America is a country that deals with the greatest number of immigrants, the ordinary ones and illegal or unauthorized immigrants as well. Please visit  las vegas eb-5 visa attorney for more information.

Unauthorized immigration is one of the biggest problems in America today, only in 2014 there were about 11 million illegal immigrants. Of all illegal immigrants in America today half of them or nearly 50% are Mexican, however number of Mexican is slowly lowering in today’s conditions when there is a big number of Syrian immigrants who are running away from their country because of war and often they don’t have time to wait for asylum which is why they decide to take this step. Only these numbers may be enough to show you how illegal immigration can be a big problem for a society.

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